About us

Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. A sunny Sunday morning. Landuwasco has a day off and so do I. In the newspaper I read about a self-driving car, equipped with a vision system. My thoughts take me away… If such a system recognizes complex things from different angles, such as people, cyclists and road signage, how difficult can it be to recognize textile?

That thought turned out to be the very first step in a long process of innovation. Central question: can we develop a folder feeding robot using vision?

We tried for a long time and just as our efforts started to take shape, we met Erwin and Marc. They were just as enthusiastic as we were. Their enthusiasm easily blended with our goal and that was the beginning of a very successful cooperation.

We decided to have the vision-system developed in Delft. For building the robot, we worked with Biko, our well-trusted business partner from Switzerland. On 25th September 2017, Walter, Alex, Marc, Erwin, Markus and Christoph officially started Laundry Robotics. What started out as a Sunday morning thought had now become reality.

Less than a year later, Robin, the first solution is born and…..it’s working! In 2020 his little brother Roy is born. Come and see Robin and Roy.

Let’s just hope the sequel of this story will be just as successful as the onset…